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Disneyland Singapore Resort - Fantasyland Part 2 2005

Fantasyland Part 2 

As guests exit from the right of the Enchanted Village they enter the Enchanted Woods a place where dwarfs work, animals talk, and even fairies that cook and clean. Upon entry there is Pooh's Adventure a new trackless dark ride putting the guests into the stories starring everyone's favorite silly old bear. Continuing along the path is The Enchanted Glen where all your favorite Disney princesses gather to meet their friends. Across the ways is the Hundred Acre Goods selling Winnie the Pooh merchandise, and a certain home belonging to Mr.Sanders which is where guests will find Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger too.

Contiuning is a clearing in the woods where Briar Rose makes appearances, and will greet her friends from the woods. While a lone cottage stands playing host to the traditional dark ride, The Legend of Sleeping Beauty. Adjacent to the cottage is an old castle seem to be overgrown playing host to the Magic Kingdom classic Snow White's Scary Adventures. As guests begin to exit the woods they come across the Enchanted Tavern playing host to home to plenty of fairies, nymphs and even brownies. The Enchanted Tavern will have amazingly tasty deserts such as brownies, and it even plays home to serving quaint food found throughout Europe. Lastly on the path back to Heart Castle is where guests can meet Snow White.

Pooh's Adventure 

Queue -
The queue begins inside of Christopher Robin's home in the Hundred Acre Woods. Guests will pass by plenty of toys, balloons, and even books with one being Pooh's Adventure. As guests leave Cristopher Robin's Home they enter Rabbit's Garden. Throughout this portion of the queue guests will encounter various potted plants, wagons full of dirt, seeds, and plants, and even Mr Sanders Home where occasionally Pooh and Tigger appear.

Eventually guests enter through a large story book labeled Pooh's Adventure. Pages of the book are shown throughout the remainder of the queue with pictures and text from the film. These torn out pages will also show what may happen in the first scene. Eventually guests through a series of switchbacks make it to the boarding point, and board their ride vehicles.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type : Trackless Dark Ride
Vehicle : Pooh's Honey Pots
Theme : Winnie the Pooh
Amount of Ride Vehicles : 21
Riders per Car : 5
Duration : 4 Minutes and 30 Seconds
Riders per Hour : 1,365
Riders per Day : 13,650 - 19,110
Height Restriction : None
Ticket Rating : E-Ticket

The ride vehcileswill be trackless. However hydraulics will be installed into the vehicle to better stimulate how it would feel like if guests were bouncing with Tigger, or being blown about. Speakers are implanted into the vehicle with sensors so the vehicle will always know when to play the audio. The vehicles travel in a group of three.

Ride Experience -

Room 1 - Windsday

As the vehicles leave the boarding point they pass by a torn page with a screen where Pooh is seen and heard asking Christopher Robin from a balloon to which Christopher Robin gives Pooh a balloon. As the vehicles enter the room they see Winnie the Pooh fly overhead holding onto a balloon in a zigzagging pattern from one part of the room to the other part.

Vehicle 1(V1) goes to right as it does it passes Gopher popping up from his hole. As he does leaves scatter and he blows out air at the guests. Pooh flies overhead as he passes by Kanga, and goes towards Owl's home. A gush of wind is heard passing guests as it does the whole vehicle spins around. The vehicles moves onward and guests can see that one of the vehicles are stuck in a strong gust around Owl's Tree. The vehicles will eventually reach Kanga who is sliding left and right holding onto Roo who is flying in the air like a kite. Kanga will call out to Roo to not worry, and she'll bring him down, but Roo is fine and having the time of his life.

Vehicle 2(V2) goes to the center. Strong wind begins catches the vehicles making them go in circles around Owl's Tree. The hydraulics soon kick in making the guests go up and down in the wind. The guests will pass by Owl atop a rocking chair in his tree house reading aloud his memoir as some of it flies away. From time to time a large creaking noise is heard as Owl's Tree threatens to fall. Piglet is seen holding onto a tree branch on a nearby tree saying "Oh d-d-d-d-dear somebody save m-m-m-me". Pooh then flies by on his balloon saying hello to Piglet, and then Pooh flies away.


Vehicle 3 (V3) goes to the right. Guests will go past Rabbit's garden, and see a scarecrow spinning in the wind. Rabbit now in a destroyed pumpkin with the top of said pumpkin on his head, and asks "Why Me?". Pooh then flies overhead and is near the honey tree, but is blown away. Pooh then asks for the wind to take him back to the Honey Tree, but when it does not he say "Oh Bother". Guests then pass by Eeyore's home. A gush of wind is heard around the guests as they spin around. Upon the ending of the spinning they see that Eeyore's home was blown down. Eeyore proceeds to sigh, and then say "Highlight of my day".

All the vehciles come for the last segement of the scene. Tigger pops up, and says "Hi I'm Tigger! Come bounce with me! Hoo-Hoo-ho!" As these vehicles exit the room three new vehicles come into the room.

Room 2 - Bouncing 

As the vehicle enter the room they form a triangle facing various screens giving off a 180 degree view. Tigger pops up and begins to bounce. All three vehicles's hydraulics activate to stimulate bouncing with Tigger. Tigger then proceeds to sing the Wonderful Thing About Tiggers! Along the way Tigger bounces and pounces throughout the 100 Acre Woods on the screens all the while the vehicles bounce in sync with Tigger. Eventually Tigger bounces off screen and bees appear. As the vehicles escape the bees a consistent buzzing can be heard inside the vehicle.

Room 3 - Beware 

The vehicles will pass by Tigger with his head stuck in a beehive. Bess will be flying around the beehive. Tigger will be saying to go ahead of him he will catch up, and he will occasionally say ow along with that stung. Guests will then pass by Pooh in his pajamas who was knocked down by Tigger. Tigger is warning him of heffalumps and woozles. Guests then see Pooh sleeping on a chair. The whole room becomes covered in stars. The balloon from earlier now next to him has turned into a heffalump, and Pooh flies away through Pepper's Ghost Effect.

Room 4 - Nightmares

Guests then enter a room that is the same as the Heffalump and Woozles room in Pooh's Hunny Hunt. However there is one change. That is the addition of of two watering cans over the rooms exit. They will be moving in a way that would pour water. Then as guests exit the room they see rain drawn upon the walls. and the occasional flash of thunder covering this part of the room.


Room 5 - Flooded

As the vehicles enter they can clearly see that the Hundred Acre Woods has been flooded. The ground is no longer visible in most areas, and guests can easily see the tree tops, and highest branches of most trees. Similar to The Many Adventures in Winnie the Pooh various effects will be used to make it seem as if it was raining inside. All the vehicles thanks to the hydraulics begin to bob as if they were floating in water. Suddenly all the vehicles go in different directions. The Rain Came Down is being played.

V1 goes to the left. Guests then go by Eeyore who is stuck on a tree branch. He will be looking gloomily towards his tail which has floated away. He will be trying to reach it, but to no avail. He will then sigh and say "First the wind, and now this. I suppose I should be ready for a blizzard". Guests will continue to float along as they see one of the other honey pots have been caught in a whirlpool along with Roo. Guests will then pass by Owl who is also upon a tree branch on his rocking chair going back and forth continuing to read what's left of his memoir. Plenty of it however has been ruined by water.

V2 goes to the center. The guests proceed to get caught in a whirlpool. The vehicle beings to go in circle bobbing up and down. Guests will see that Kanga is off to the side bobbing up and down in an umbrella boat. In the center the whirlpool would be little Roo hanging onto a tree swaying back and forth in the water. Roo would be asking for his mother to save him, and Kanga says that she'll be there soon.

V3 goes to the right. As the vehicles turn right they see Tigger who is reaching out to Piglet, and telling him not to worry. Piglet is of course worried that he'll fall into the waters below. As guests continue they will encounter Rabbit. Various fruits and vegetables are in nets hanging above gusts on branches, or just sprawled out upon the branches. Guests will then see Rabbit upon a tree branch holding onto a vine of watermelons that are floating away. He will tell the guests to watch out, but it'll be too late. A watermelon breaks open sending out the scent of watermelon to the guests.

As all the vehicles meet up they see plenty of honey pots lined upon a tree branch. As the vehicles near the exit they see one oh Pooh's honey pots have fallen in the water. Then guests see that Pooh is stuck in a tree eating honey. The vehicles exit the room, and as they do new vehicles come in.

Room 6 - Honey

The guests are now met with a happy Pooh. Guests will be inside the Honey Tree, and will see that Pooh is dining on what he likes best, honey. He will be moving his arms up and down that are covered in honey to symbolize the eating of honey. Pooh's mouth will also be covered in Honey. The vehicles will spin around to face the exit, and as the vehicles go they pass by the last page of the book Pooh's Adventure. The pace will read The End with a picture of everyone in the Hundred Acre Woods present.


The Enchanted Glen 

Part of the exterior of the attraction will be the Three Good Fairies Cottage. Every 30 minutes or so a colored puff of smoke will appear from the chimney. The other part of the exterior will be rock work and various little plants growing upon the rocks. 

The Legend of Sleeping Beauty 

Queue -
As guests enter the queue outside they wind throughout the outside of the cottage. In the trees guests will be able to see several of Aurora's Friends. As the cottage entrance comes into view guests will notice Diablo in the tree looking menacingly towards the windows of the cottage. The window that he is looking at would show Aurora's Dress that Flora made. (The one not made by magic)

When guests enter Aurora's Cottage they are met with nice cool air. They will make a turn and go past the stairs to Aurora's Room. On the stairs will be a basket filled with plenty of berries. Guests will continue towards the kitchen. Here Fauna will be trying to bake a cake with all the ingredients scattered around the counter top, and the room. Several cookbooks will be thrown around the room as well. Fauna will look up and welcome the guests to the cottage, and to Aurora's Birthday.


She will explain the cookbooks have been enchanted, and guests can help decide the best recipe to use. Each cookbook will have a different recipe for cake shown. Each cake recipe will emit a sweet smell. The cakes represented will be Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pumpkin, and Berry. On the counter where the sink is located there are piles of dirty dishes, bowls, and utensils. Occasionally bubbles will shoot out of the sink.

Moving along to the main living area is where guests enter a battle field. Aurora's Dress is in the center, and changing colors. (The one made with magic) Flora is behind an overturned table. While Merryweather is behind several barrels and a basket full of knitting supplies. Throughout the room splotches of pink of blue appear on the wall for a few seconds, and go away. Flora is heard saying Make it Pink, and when she says that the dress changes to pink. Merryweather follows by saying Make it Blue, and the dress becomes blue. Guests will wind around the battle, and will be able to spot Diablo perched a top the mantle spying.

After the guests leave the room they enter the loading docks. Guests then proceed to enter enchanted carriages that seems to be carved out of wood.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type : Traditional Dark Ride
Vehicle : Enchanted Wooden Wagons
Theme : Sleeping Beauty
Riders per Car : 4
Duration : 2 Minutes and 30 Seconds
Riders per Hour : 600
Riders per Day : 6,000 - 8,400
Height Restriction : None
Ticket Rating : C-Ticket

Ride Experience -
Scene 1 - I Wonder

As the cottage doors swing open for guests to exit a clearing comes into view. Guests will pass by several of Aurora's forest friends in the trees. Aurora will be seen sitting upon a tree stump gazing at a couple of birds. Beside the stump is her basket of berries. Aurora will be singing the song I Wonder.

Scene 2 - Once Upon a Dream

As the vehicles enter the next scene they are met with Aurora's Forest Friend's dressed up as Prince Phillip. The owl will occasionally go hoo-hoo. The vehicle then turns and guest will be able to spot Samsun, Prince Philip's Horse. The faint sound of singing is heard. The song is a faint version of Once Upon a Dream. Aurora and Philip are seen dancing in the woods, and are singing Once Upon a Dream.

Scene 3 - Maleficent

As guests reapproach the cottage they hear an eerie, but welcoming "Come In". As the doors open, and the vehicles enter eerie music can be heard. The whole cottage is dark except for a floating green orb. Aurora stands by about to touch the green orb. As the vehicles creep closer and closer she touches the orb. The music stops Aurora seems to fall, and the vehicles quickly spin around focusing on the evil green fairy herself, Maleficent. A loud cackle is heard as her goons pop up capturing the vehicles.

Scene 4 - The Dungeon

As guest come out of the dark cottage they enter Maleficent's Dungeon. Here skeletons are seen chained to the wall. The occasional spider comes down from the ceiling scaring guests. Merryweather and Fauna are seen using their magic wands to free Prince Philip from his chains. Flora is seen casting a spell, and making Diablo stone. She then says that Philip has to save Aurora and stop Maleficent. As the vehicles get ready to leave the dungeon brier begins to form. Maleficent is heard cackling, and recites one of her lines "Now you shall deal with me, and all the powers of hell!" A flash of green covers the next scene for a second as the guests enter.

Scene 5 - The Fight

As guests enter the room Dragon Maleficent's head swoops into the room, and out of her nostrils comes smoke. Prince Philip appears from the brier. Maleficent moves her head toward Philip, and opens her mouth. As they get out of the guests point of view fire is heard coming from her mouth. (Only the noise there will be no actual fire) Soon the whole room increases in temperature. The brier seems to have caught on fire as well.


As guests turn the corner the room flashes as they see that Philip threw his sword. His sword was able to pierce into Maleficent's Dragon body and kill her. She seems to start to fall down the vehicles move forward. The vehicles go through a tunnel of briar as a crash is heard and Maleficent is finally dead.

Scene 6 - Finale 

s the doors to Sleeping Beauty's Castle swing open the vehicles go in. Here guests can clearly see that peace has been restored, and all is well. King Stefan and King Hurbert are seen in the distance celebrating and drinking wine. Aurora and Philip are seen ballroom dancing to a ballad of Once Upon A Dream. Aurora's Dress will change color every so often from blue to pink. As the ride nears the end Merryweather and Flora are still debating, and changing the color of Aurora's Dress while Fauna cries saying that she just loves happy endings. As the vehicles leave the castle and renter the cottage a painted mural of Aurora and Philip dancing has been painted onto the wall. It says 'And They Lived Happily Ever After' finally ending The Legend of Sleeping Beauty.

Snow White' Scary Adventures

Queue -
The queue starts outside in front of an old abandon, decrepit castle. As guests go through a series of switch backs they will eventually enter the old castle, and be transported back in time to when this castle was in its peak. They would enter the courtyard, and see a window where occasionally the curtains will open to reveal that The Evil Queen is watching the guests. Eventually guests through a series of switchback will go throughout the room, and reach the boarding point where guests well board their ride vehicles.


Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type : Traditional Dark Ride
Vehicle : Mine Carts
Theme : Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Riders per Car : 4
Duration : 2 Minutes and 40 Seconds
Riders per Hour : 600
Riders per Day : 6,000 - 8,400
Height Restriction : None
Ticket Rating : C-Ticket

Ride Experience -

Next time we go to where one always stays young, Neverland

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