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Disneyland Singapore Resort - Fantasyland Part 1 2005

Fantasyland Part 1 - 

From London Heights we enter Fantasyland. This Fantasyland is split into three different areas those being The Enchanted Village, The Enchanted Woods, and Storybookland. In this post I will be covering The Enchanted Village, Heart Castle, and Storybookland. So without further ado the land - 

As guests approach the end of London Heights they are met with a magnificent castle. This is of course Heart Castle home to The Queen and King of Hearts from Wonderland. Guests can walk straight through the castle, and pass by The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall. The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is a copy of the quick service at Tokyo Disneyland, and shares the same delicious menu. In the halls of Heart Castle occasionally The Queen of Hearts will be found wandering towards the Village to interact with the common folk. Moving out of the castle guests are met with the joyous Mad Tea Party spinning about, and the occasional Meet and Greet appearance of The Queen of Hearts and The White Rabbit.

To the left is Gepetto's Workshop and Pinocchio's Daring Journey. While to the right is Alice in Wonderland and the Village Theater. Gepetto's Workshop sells merchandise made of wood rather it be clocks, puppets, toys, or even music boxes. Up ahead is the Village Square where from time to time Pinocchio can be met. There is also a small store with a bean stalk going through the chimney of the cottage. This store is Sir Mickey's where guests can buy merchandise relating to all their Fantasyland Friends.

Pinocchio's Daring Journey - 

Queue -
The queue starts outside. Through a series of switchback guests eventually enter a workshop. As guests make their way through the workshop they are greeted by plenty of working music boxes, Cuckoo Clocks that go off every 30 minutes, and even various marionettes and toys. Eventually guests are allowed onto the ride.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type : Traditional Dark Ride
Vehicle : Geppetto's Carved Wooden Car
Theme : Pinocchio
Riders per Car : 4
Duration : 3 Minutes
Riders per Hour : 600
Riders per Day : 6,000 - 8,400
Height Restriction : None
Ticket Rating : C-Ticket

Ride Experience -
As the riders leave the workshop they are greeted by Pinocchio and two marionettes performing I've Got No Strings. Pieces of gold are seen covering the stage. The riders then enter the back of Stromboli's Wagon. Here Stromboli is seen with an ax threatening Pinocchio that when he got too old he chop him up into wood. He then addresses the riders by asking them were they where going? A huge cage seems to capture the riders as the blue fairy uses her magic to help riders escape.


Guests are then met by Jiminy Cricket in the streets. He informs the guests that Pinocchio has gone missing, and Geppetto went looking for him. He then says we have to find him. Riders are taken to Pleasure Island. Guests pass by a ferris wheel loaded with kids, then a carousel with kids riding, nest there's tall figures asking riders, and kids of Pleasure Island if they want a cigar, then there's Gideon and Foulfellow nest to a popcorn stand that smells like actual popcorn, finally guests go under an eight ball. Guests pass by Lampwick who has just turned into a jackass as Pinocchio laughs at him. Guests exit the room as they encounter the Coachmen with an open crate telling the guests "Leaving So Soon?" as he tries to capture guests. As guests finally leave Pleasure Island they pass by crates with young boys turned donkeys crying out for their mamas, or let them go.

As the guests leave they encounter Jiminy Cricket who tells them to look out for Monstro. Strobe Lights go off as Monstro pops up swallowing guests whole. Now in a dark tunnel which seems to be the inside of Monstro guests hear Pinocchio, and Gepetto who decided to start a fire to escape Monstro when he sneezes by use of the smoke. Guests pass by Gepetto and Pinocchio who have started a fire. Guests will be able to smell the fire and smoke as Monstro begins to sneeze. With one sneeze he shoots out guests into the Village. After meandering around out side guests enter Gepetto's Workshop. The Blue Fairy appears by use of Pepper's Ghost Effect as she makes Pinocchio a real boy. Gepetto and Pinocchio celebrate as the ride ends. Guests will then unload out of their vehicles into Gepetto's Workshop.

Alice in Wonderland - 

Queue -
Guests will enter outside through a series of switchbacks under the Wonderland track, and around it as well. Guests will pass by mushrooms, flowers, and berries growing under the overhead track, and columns holding it up. Eventually guests will be aloud to board there own Caterpillar.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type : Traditional Dark Ride
Vehicle : Mr.Caterpillar's Friends
Theme : Alice in Wonderland
Riders per Car : 4
Duration : 4 Minutes
Riders per Hour : 600
Riders per Day : 6,000 - 8,400
Height Restriction : None
Ticket Rating : C-Ticket

Ride Experience -
The ride remains relatively similar to its Disneyland Counterpart. However their will be to outdoor vine portions instead of the familiar one. The first outdoor portion will be after meeting Mr.Caterpillar as guests go over the Enchanted Woods, the next will be after escaping the Queen as guests go over the Enchanted Village.

The Village Theater : Magical Dreams - 

Queue -
The queue for the attraction is a standard outdoor switchback. Eventually guests will be let into the lobby. The lobby will be of a library with various props recreated from Disney movies such as The Beast's Rose, The Genie's Lamp, Sorcerer Mickey's Hat, and more.

Show Stats & Info -
Attraction Type: Theater
Theme: Disney
Number of Theaters: 1
Amount of Viewers: 500
Duration: 17 Minutes
Viewers per Hour: 1,500
Viewers per Day: 15,000 - 21,000
Height Restriction: None
Ticket Rating: C-Ticket

Show Experience -
(Cloud Opening from Peter Pan 2 accompanied with 2nd Star to the Right Plays)
Wendy : Oh Peter if only you were here. One more adventure before I go to sleep.
(Window Projection blasts opens letting a gust of wind rush into the whole theater)
Peter Pan : Wendy!
Wendy : Peter!
Peter : You remember to fly don’t you?
Wendy : Of course all it takes is faith, trust and pixie dust!
( Second Star to the Right stops, but You Can Fly plays)
(1st floor of stage lights dim as the props move away)
(Pixie Dust spreads around as a yellow lasers go around the theater. Tinker Bell’s Jingles are heard)
Peter : Wendy hurry this way we’re going to Notre Dame to meet someone, and see his wish!
Wendy : Oh I’ve always wanted to visit Paris!
(Gusts of Winds blow on guests to symbolize the flight)

(A Projection Notre Dame is shown)
(Guest can see the outline of props move in from the left and right for the scene to start)
Peter : We’re here Wendy. Keep it down!
(Out There starts to play)
(Quasimodo comes in, and sings, dances, and jumps)
(Scenes of Paris from the movie are shown on the screen as the stage is transformed into the rafts of Notre Dame from the movie. This will all be done by projections and screens)

(The lights dim once more as Notre Dame transforms into Cinderella's Garden)
(Cinderella runs out in her pink torn dress crying and starts to weep on the bench)
Fairy Godmother : What’s wrong child?
Cinderella : Oh, Fairy God Mother I wish to go to the Prince’s Festival!
Fairy Godmother : Very well then Cinderella
(Bippidi Bopidi Boo is sung)
(Lasers and smoke illuminated blue are going off to symbolize all the magic)
(Cinderella transforms into her blue dress as she enters her carriage, and rolls away)
Cinderella : Oh, Thank You Fairy Godmother!
Fairy Godmother : Be back by the stroke of 12!

(The lights begin to dim one more. Belle disappears offstage as the stage begins to transform into Ariel's Grotto)
(Little Mermaid Overture Plays)
Wendy : Peter where are we?
Peter : Wendy I think where inside Mermaid's Lagoon.
Wendy : Oh I do love mermaids.
Peter : Wendy hold your breath
Wendy : Peter I’m Coming
(The scene lights up. It is shown that Peter and Wendy are swimming in the waters of Ariel's Grotto)
(Ariel begins to sing Part of Your World atop of a rock formation. While Peter and Wendy "swim" around)


(As Ariel songs ends the stage once again dims as Ariel moves away.Thorns are moved in as the stage is slowly enveloped in thorns as well as the video screen. Maleficent walks out as the lights brighten to reveal that the stage has changed now covered with smoke, and thorns full of danger and mystery)
Maleficent : You two!
Peter : Us?
Maleficent : Yes you! Your flying around into other people's dreams have changed the turn of events! Now their dreams can't become nightmares due to your disturbance!
Wendy : Peter we have been flying inside people's dreams!
Maleficent : Yes, and now it's time for the nightmares to be set free!
(Maleficent hits her staff on the floor several times. Each time she does steam comes out.)
Maleficent : Be gone or face me and all the powers of evil!
(She hits her staff once more as Peter and Wendy are sent flying in different directions)
(Maleficent walks off stage as she cackles)

Heffalumps and Woozles begin to appear on stage. Soon the whole theater erupts with a Pink Elephants/Heffalumps and Woozles Number. After all the craziness erupts, and finishes steam once again covers the whole stage. Maleficent, Peter, and Wendy appear onstage once more.

Maleficent : Both of you have returned!
Peter : We are going to stop you, and this time we found help!
Wendy : Yes an old foe of yours. He's a mouse!
An Articulated head Sorcerer Mickey appears.
Mickey : Maleficent! Your reign your terror has ended for once and for all!
Maleficent : You are mistaken for now you must deal with me in my most dangerous form!
(Maleficent is raised into the air she is taken out of sight as steam covers the whole stage. Now where she once stood is a dragon head puppet) (Maleficent Dragon shoots fire balls which are shown by steam on the stage)
Mickey : Maleficent enough!
(Mickey begins to wave his hands the screen behind Maleficent shows the shooting stars from Fantasia)
Maleficent : Nooooo!
(Maleficent Dragon is soon covered in steam as it's taken off stage)
Peter : Thank you Mickey!
(The Stage dims as it clears up. All the characters seen throughout the show appear)

(The lights brighten as everyone bows)
Wendy : Thank you for coming!
Peter Pan : Come again soon!

Storybookland - 

As guests exit the Enchanted Village from the left they enter Storybookland. The difference between this Storybookland, and the rest of the Storybooklands this one will have more of a circus theme. So let's get back on track! As guests enter wander down a path, and see various signs advertising the acts that would be found at the circus. These acts include Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Maestro Mickey, Dynamic Donald, Magnificent Minnie, The Great Goofy, The Delightful Daisy, Bongo the Wonder Bear, Hymitch Hippo & Ali Gator Trapeze Artists, and Madame Upanova's Ballerina Ostriches.

Guests will eventually reach the Circus Grounds, and come to face Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Guests will be able to fly with Dumbo high above Storybookland. Behind Dumbo there are two gardens filled with flowers and bushes. Near Dumbo the Flying Elephant is Mickey's Phillarmagic. A copy of the beloved 4D experience from Magic Kingdom. Across the way from Mickey's Phillarmagic is The Stars of Toontown, and The Stupendous Circus Emporium. After all the exploring of Storybookland guests would head downwards, and encounter various signs bidding farewell to guests, and for them to come back soon.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant - 

Queue -
As guests get in line under a canopy stylized to look similar to a circus tent. Guests will go around Dumbo the Flying Elephant as they see the Dumbos fly up & down.

Ride Stats & Info -
Attraction Type : Aerial Carousel
Vehicle : Dumbos
Theme : Dumbo
Riders per Car : 2
Duration : 1 Minute and 30 Seconds
Number of Vehicles : 12
Riders per Hour : 960
Riders per Day : 9,600 - 13,440
Height Restriction : None
Ticket Rating : B-Ticket

Ride Experience -

Mickey's Phillarmagic - 

Queue -
As guests enter the queue for Mickey's Phillarmagic they will encounter a marquee welcoming them into the theater. Guests will go through a switchback queue and pass by plenty of posters showing off some of the acts coming soon to Storybookland such as Willie the Singing Whale, or The Three Caberllos. Guests will eventually enter a lobby, and pick up their opera glasses. From here guest will be waiting under chandeliers while they wait to be admitted. Eventually they will be admitted into the theater.

Show Stats & Info -
Attraction Type : 4D Show
Number of Theaters : 1
Theme : Disney Musicals
Viewers per Theater : 494
Duration : 12 Minutes
Riders per Hour : 2,470
Riders per Day : 24,700 - 34,580
Height Restriction : None
Ticket Rating : C-Ticket

Show Experience -

The Stars of the Circus -

As guests enter they decide if they want to meet Mickey and Minnie, or Goofy and Donald. Whoever they choose they will experience the same queue. It will be a copy of of the Toontown Hall of Fame queue from Mickey's Toontown Fair with new shorts playing on the big screen. Eventually the switchback queues that will seperate and reach either Mickey and Minnie or Goofy and Donald in their normal outfits getting ready for the big top.


Next time we venture into the last part of Fantasyland, The Enchanted Forest.​

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