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Disneyland Singapore Resort - London Heights 2005


London Heights –

“Here you leave today, and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”

When guests enter the park they are brought back in time to London Heights. A romanticized version of England’s capital city London. Straight down the street Heart Castle stands tall and proud. Heart Castle is this park’s castle icon, and a castle loosely inspired by the Queen of Heart’s Castle.

Throughout the day take break on the London Heights Vehicles. The London Heights Vehicles will take guests up, down, and around London Heights. Periodically the inhabitants of London Heights will wander around and greet guests! Daily at 3:30 PM take to the streets to watch Disney on Parade. A fun and energetic parade filled with classic Disney characters that everyone loves such as Mickey, Cinderella, and more!

At the beginning of London Heights on the left is The Emporium. Here guests can buy Disney Memorabilia such as apparel, toys, house goods, and so much more! Continuing on the left of London Heights is Literature Heights. Here guests buy great stories from English authors such as Roald Dahl, P.L Travers, Luis Carroll, and so many more! Next is the Admiral’s Café a quick service serving only the best. Based off the iconic neighbor of the Bank resident guests can dine like a hearty sailor eating fish and chips, chowder, and some other select dishes. Following in suit is Tea Corner a quick service located on the corner on London Heights and Midnight Street. Here at Tea Corner guests can sip some Earl Grey and take a bite out of a scone here at Tea Corner. At various times throughout the day the Mad Hatter and Alice will host the world’s most extreme theme park sport known to man, Musical Chairs with live help from the local pianist.

Lastly on this side on London Heights is Richmond Manor the only signature dining location inside the park. At lunch guests are invited to dine on fine English foods prepared by the second best chefs of London. Second only to the Royal Chefs of course. However for dinner a unique thing can be had at various times throughout the night. Guests are welcomed to unearth the mysteries of Richmond Manor. In groups of 35 people are treated to dinner, and promptly afterwards must solve a mystery case. A new group is brought in every 30 minutes. Guests are given two hours to dine, and solve the mystery of the disappearance of Miss Richmond. Guests are allowed to wander in three different rooms. Those rooms being the Foyer, the Writing Room, and finally the scene of the crime the Master Suite where Miss Richmond was last seen. Guests can ask a variety of cast members throughout the Manor for clues. The true murderer and clues will change each day so the guest’s predictions must change as well.

On the way to Adventure Isles is the ominous Midnight Hill. Here it is rumored that the ghosts of London Heights all gather here. The caretaker of said manor has sworn that every night the ghouls and ghosts wake for a deathly jamboree in the graveyard. However the only way to find out is to take a look.

Exterior -

Midnight Hill will incorporate a look of an old home located in London. Wrought Iron fences surround the property while large ominous gates are left open. An old fountain remains running in the dead flower bed. Large, twisted, dead trees give a sense of foreboding. Several grave stones are scattered about. However the biggest grave is for Master Gracey whose scheming ways have finally caught up to him in death. Overall Midnight Hill fives off a fearful feeling to all who enter here. Occasionally a puff of smoke comes out of the chimneys, or the light in the attic comes on. Which is rather strange seeing how this house has been abandoned.

Queue -

The queue starts outdoors  under a covered awning. Through a series of switchbacks guests make there way to the graveyard. Several comedic gravestones are present. As guests approach closer to the entrance they pass by the Madame Leota's Grave every so often here stone eyes blink. Then the doors open.
Inside guests are greeted by a chandelier, a portrait of Master Gracey, and a still running fireplace. As time goes by and the doors shut the portrait of Master Gracey begins to deteriorate. Leaving nothing but an eerie skeleton with eyes.

Doors suddenly swing open as the Ghost Host "Welcomes us all". Guests proceed into the Stretching Room. Here four portraits are present. As they stretch it is revealed how they all met their untimely demise. The Ghost Host questions if the room is really stretching, and shows a chilling observation. There are no doors, and no windows. Leaving the mortals with one way out his way. A flash of lighting as a scream is heard. A hanging skeleton is seen above guests.

A mysterious passageway appears allowing guests to venture deeper into the Midnight Manor! Guests are back into several switch backs as the doombuggies move through the Mansion. Every once in a while a shadow of a rat appears on the walls scurrying to the other side. Sometimes the chandeliers will seem to fall, but are mysteriously caught before crashing. An occasional cat meowing in pain is heard. As guests board the Doomuggies the Ghost Host tells to not pull on the lap bar, he will do it for them. With that the mortals successfully enter the ghost world.

Ride Experience -

In the first room guests enter they see bookshelves with the finest of fearful literature. As the Doomboogies move the busts of the ghost world's finest authors seem to follow. Guests proceed to enter a hallway with a self paying piano, and a shadow of someone playing it. A crow laughs in a way at the mortals. Suits of Armor await near the never ending hallway where a candelabra seems to float. Every so the Suits of Armor swing their weapons in their hands towards the guests. As the doomboggies begin to leave the hallway they pass by some portraits that change into something that painters of the spirit world have created. The ghost host informs the mortals that they are home to 999 happy haunts, but there's room for 1,000! Any volunteers?

In the seance room Madma Leota is trapped in a crystal ball on the table. However this gives a chant to summon the ghosts and ghouls wherever they may be. Instruments seem to float in the air as whatever Leoatta says becomes true. Rather it be a goblin playing a tambourine, a rasp on the table it happens. Guests soon pass by a large dining room. The Ghost Host says the residents have sensed your sympathetic vibrations, and decided to materialize. He proceeds to excuse himself as he joins the party. Several ghosts are seen ballroom dancing, swinging on the chandeliers, playing an organ, having a birthday party, chasing each other, and even having a birthday party how ever the flames on the candle never seem to go away.

Guests enter the attic and see Miss Richmond sitting upon a coffin. A man appears to be stuck inside the coffin, but cannot escape. Throughout the room there are several zombie heads that pop up scaring guests. At the end of the attic scene is a bride holding a hatchet surround her on the walls are several portraits with her and many of her husbands the last portrait being of her and Master Gracey. Glass is heard smashing as the guests "fall" to their doom in the graveyard.

As the guests fall they see plenty of spirits in the air. Guests pass by some dead trees with bats on them. There is even the caretaker and his dog at the entrance to the graveyard. It seems like he has been scared to death himself. Guests have finally entered the Grim Grinning Ghosts's Gala. Plenty of ghosts are dancing, singing, and playing. Every once in a while some heads pop out to scare guests. Guests go throughout the graveyard and pass by singing busts too!

The Ghost Host apologizes for disappearing, but in any case warns guests of Hitchhiking Ghosts. Suddenly three hitchhiking ghosts appear! With their hitchhiking thumbs out ready to leave. Guests later see that each of the hitchhiking ghosts have entered their vehicles sitting with the mortals! The Ghost Host thanks guests for visiting, and to stop by soon this time with their own death certificate.

Now back to Town Square Gardens. Here guests can meet plenty of Disney Friends. These friends are in fact Pluto, Daisy, Alice, Mad Hatter, Cruella De Vil, Mary Poppins, and Chip & Dale. Now it is time to make the way down London Heights on the right. Passing by is Jolly Holiday Bakery which fills the air with the delicious smell freshly baked cinnamon rolls and cookies. Continuing downwards there's Scented a store dedicated to selling candles. You can even see some candles being made in the parks! Next is Flaversham's Toys. A toy store inspired by the Great Mouse Dectective. There are plenty of toys here both Disney and other typical toys such as puppets.

Lastly there is Cherry Tree Lane Bistro. Here guests can eat some delicious foods from the UK and all over. The interior is based off the Bank's Home from Mary Poppins. This restaurant is open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. It also provides a character dining experience with Mary Poppins, Bert, a Penguin Waiter, Alice, and lastly The Mad Hatter. At the end of the night in Disneyland Park at 7 PM in the Fall & Winter, at 8 PM in Spring and Summer, and on peak days 9 PM guests are treated to Disney in the Stars a firework spectacular!

Next time we enter Fantasyland!

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The Opening of Disneyland Singapore Resort


The Opening -

Today on September 12th 2005, we welcome you to Disneyland Singapore.
Not only have we opened Disneyland Park, but we have opened two new resorts and Disney Village. Overtime Singapore will flourish, and in time so will Disneyland Singapore. Rather it be by the planting of a new tree or the addition of a new spectacular attraction. We promise that Disneyland Singapore will grow with each year.

Dsrp1 by Tcool123

Disneyland Park -

Disneyland Park is the crown jewel of Disneyland Singapore Resort. Opening with 5lands to the guests. Along with 28 Attractions, 11 Eateries, and 14 Stores. The first land, London Heights guests will enter will take guests back to 1960’s London.Here located at the end of Center Street will be Heart Castle. Heart Castle is the park’s icon, and is based off the Queen of Heart’s Castle from Alice in Wonderland. The castle at its highest point is 23 meters (78 feet). Other key attractions in London Heights is Silent Manor and the Central Gardens.

The second land, Fantasyland will be where fantasies come to life in amazing ways.This Fantasyland will be split into three areas, The Enchanted Village, The Enchanted Woods, and Storybookland. The Enchanted Village will be home to Alice in Wonderland and Pinicioh’s Daring Adventure. The Enchanted Woods will be home to two new attractions, Pooh’s Adventure and The Legend of Sleeping Beauty. The final sub-land, Storybookland will be home to Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Mickey & Friends.

The third land is a completely unique to the park. This land being Neverland. Neverland will be home to the park’s first signature attraction Journey in Neverland. An exciting journey through Neverland using the latest technology from Tokyo Disneyland. This technology being the trackless dark ride system. From what it seems to be Tinker Bell has brought the guests and the Darling children back to Neverland to save Peter Pan from Captain Hook.

The fourth land, Adventure Isle will be the biggest Adventureland to date. Separated by rivers Adventure Isle seems to be filled with at the bare minimum about 15 islands. Adventure Isle will feature The Jungle Cruise, and a brand new show dubbed The Spirit of Aloha Isle. This new show will take place three times a day in Aloha Lagoon. It will feature Polynesian Dancing, Music, and characters from the film Lilo & Stitch.

The fifth and final land is Discoveryland. Discoveryland will be home to many thrilling attractions such as Journey to the Center of the Earth. Another attraction that was more of a surprise being the Imagination Factory. The Imagination Factory will be a new take on the classic Imagination Pavilion attraction at Epcot. It is rumored to involve Dreamfinder and Figment. The second and only other signature attraction for the park is found here, and it is known as Time Warpers. Time Warpers is a thrilling interactive theater experience that takes guests through different points of times in the world.

The Disneyland Resort & Spa -

Is the resorts main hotel. It's split into 5 wings those being The Heights, Fantasy Village, Never Landing, Discovery Cove, and Adventure Outpost. Each wing represents one land at Disneyland Park. Each of these wings will incorporate English Architecture, but mixed a dash of what land they represent. Each wing will also have about 100 rooms. This resort has 2 pools. The main pool being the Disneyland Lagoon, and the other being an indoor pool at Discovery Cove. The resort has plenty of restaurants to choose from. Along with two stores to shop at. The cherry on top is the Spa. Disneyland Resort guests get discounts here. The spa being located on the top floor of the The Heights with a spectacular look at Disneyland Park.

Disney Village -

Disney Village will be a small shopping and dining area of the resort. It will also include daily ferries to and from Pasir Gudang, Malaysia. Upon opening Disney Village will have one store, 1 Character Meal, 2 Quick Services, and The Malaysian Ferry Line. Due to the small amount of offerings in Disney Village the actual offerings tend to be quite big. World of Disney will be one of the biggest Disney Stores on the planet, and will have all things Disney for one to purchase. Chef Mickey’s is a table service/Character Meal themed after Mickey and Friends. Starbucks will of course be a coffee and pastry vending location along with some sandwiches. The Art & Music Café will be based on the Fantasia Films. The cuisine served at the café will be Asian-American. Throughout Disney Village will be expansion pads for future eateries, stores, and attractions.

City Springs Resort -

A new resort loosely based off New York City. It has 3 wings one based off Ellis Island, once based off Broadway, and way based off Manhattan. The Broadway & The Big City wings both have 300 rooms. In the center of the resort will be The Big Apple pool, and a Statue of Liberty replica with a water slide. The resort has two restaurants one being in the Broadway Wing, and the other at the Ellis Island Wing. It also has one main store at the Ellis Island Wing.

Parking Structures -

The parking structures serve for three functions. Where guests can park their car, where the taxis will drop off the guests, and where the non-Disney buses go to drop off their passengers. Their parking structures will be themed to three different things. The two parking structures near Disneyland Park will incorporate Mickey & Friends, and the Disney Princesses. The other parking structure near City Springs will incorporate Toy Story and Monsters Inc